Congstar handy zum Vertrag

Hi Sac21, 1: You will need to top up your credit every 15 months to keep it active. 2: Yes, it will receive phone calls and messages in all of the EU, and probably some other countries which are included in roaming agreements 3: Yes, you can! See here: How To Keep Your Old Phone Number Deutsche Telekom has been rated best German mobile network 3 times in a row by several popular consumer magazines, such as ‘Connect’ and ‘Chip’. only cash take. they promisse speed. and they give 0 speedonly 1 game will docongstar havent enough speed5 euro for take nothing sreve The German mobile phone market is dominated by 3 main providers: A great advantage of 1&1 is that you can choose between different mobile networks. Right now they also are ahead of competition when it comes to LTE and mobile internet. o2 recently became the biggest German mobile provider after merging with Eplus. You need to select “Rufnummer sofort mitnehmen” for an immediate portability and “Rufnummer am Ende der Vertragslaufzeit mitnehmen” for a mobile number portability (MNP) after your contract ended. This should look similar for all German providers.

If you are not sure how long you will stay in Germany, signing up for a monthly contract would be a great idea. No, congstar does not offer this option. You will need to use your included minutes for calls to congstar or pay 9 cents per minute. If you want to check out some of the other major phone providers in Germany, have a look at Vodafone, Congstar, and Yourfone. This is why we decided to update this page and give you an overview of the hidden cost that can drive your monthly phone bill up. Hi Ola, it is actually not unusual that you have to do the number porting yourself. However, the communication from 1und1 was just bad and dishonest. They should have given you the correct information about the procedure from the beginning. But very often, these agents/salespeople just want to close contracts and tell you everything you want to hear… Best, Ben However, keep in mind that this flexibility will come with higher costs than signing up for a 24 month contract, for example. ✅ Good reception in cities ✅ Fast mobile internet with LTE ✅ Cheap starter packages to pricier high speed packages ✅ Flexible contract duration starting from 1 month to 24 months 🔻 Weaker signal in rural areas nur 34 07 € statt 36,49 €/Monat 533 Smartphone Specials iPhone SE (64 GB) + Allnet Flat M Einmalige Anzahlung 49,00 € zzgl. 14,57 € mtl. /24 Monate, insgesamt 398,68 € statt 466,76 € (entspricht einer Ersparnis von 68,08 €).

Angebot nur gültig bei Neubuchung eines congstar Allnet Flat S, congstar Allnet Flat M oder Allnet Flat L Tarifs mit einer Mindestlaufzeit von 24 Monaten, solange der Vorrat reicht. Das Angebot gilt nicht bei Widerruf des Vertrages. Alle Preise inklusive Umsatzsteuer und zzgl. 4,86 € Versandkosten. congstar Allnet Flat M: Preis: 19,50€/Monat bei Abschluss eines Vertrags mit 24 Monaten Mindestvertragslaufzeit. Einmaliger Bereitstellungspreis: 14,63 €. Das Paket enthält eine Telefonie-Flat und SMS-Flat in alle dt. Netze; im EU-Ausland sind die Inklusivleistungen ohne Zusatzkosten nutzbar. Preise für Sonder- und Servicerufnummern abweichend. Surfen gilt für die Datennutzung innerhalb Deutschlands und im EU-Ausland.Aktion: Bei Buchung über www.congstar.de bis zum 15.09.2020 wird die Bandbreite ab einem Datenvolumen von 3 GB statt 2 GB im jeweiligen Monat von max. 25 Mbit/s im Download und 5 Mbit/s im Upload auf max. 32 Kbit/s im Download und Upload beschränkt.

You never know, if you need to move away again from Germany at least you are not stuck with a 24 months contract. To help you find the best mobile contract for your own personal needs and preferences, we put together an overview of the most popular German phone providers. Recharge phone credit or data in three super simple steps: You would like to switch to a different service provider and keep your current phone number? No problem, just take note of the following requirements for a successful mobile number portability.